Dino Crisis Vs the World: Dialogue

This may be the shortest post in psyncinteractive.com history, but it might still be the best!

Resident evil 1 was good for many reasons, but dialogue wasn’t one of them (or possibly was, as you’ll find out). Somehow, someone was paid to write the script and someone got paid to act it out. For a game that was trying to take itself seriously, it’s mental that the producers let it out the door with dialogue like this. Obviously, in this area, Dino Crisis is still far better than any others. It’s genuinely funny and sets out to not take itself too seriously, which is something that other such games could learn from.

Unfortunately I could not find a suitable video of good lines from Dino Crisis, however I did manage to find the top 10 worst conversations in the incredibly scary Resident Evil 1.

Other games with damned awful dialogue and voice acting include Deep Fear and of course, the king, House of the Dead 2.


    “What is it?”

    How very dare you, i’ll have you know House of The Dead 2 had the very very best of game-based voice talent onboard, in fact i’ll go as far as to say that it is quite possibly THE finest acting I have experienced in all my years, by far…

    Can I stop the sarcasm now? :-)

  • lmao at that youtube video!!!!

    “what is ittttttt??????”

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