Clara Hanson is an agent of P.I.S.T. (Paranormal Incident Suppression Team), a unique organisation formed by the military to investigate and eliminate any supernatural threat faced by their country.

The squad consists of two members besides Clara; Morgan Ashcroft, commander and weapons expert and Deacon Lawson, the communications officer. Unknown to the squad members, another organisation has paid for their lives in order to further their experimental procedures. The squad is sent to a remote village where an outbreak of phantom-like creatures has occurred eliminating an unknown amount of the populace. Casualties will be high. A perimeter fence was erected as soon as news of the outbreak reached the M.o.D. to contain the phantoms using an experimental electricity field. However, there have been strange readings emanating from the field which may be a result of a breach. The squad’s primary mission is to escort a technician to the location of the possible breach and then report back to their superiors. Secondary missions are to investigate the phantom threat and to take account of any survivors. They are not to reveal their presence to the civilians of the village at this time and will be sent in wearing plain clothes because of this. Once they have completed their reconnaissance mission their superiors will decide how to proceed.

Geist was Psync’s first real-time 3D game. It used pre-rendered backgrounds built with Bryce and real-time characters that were rendered over the backgrounds in the classic survival horror style.

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