Hydris Cell | 2005

Hydris is our, literally never ending, point and click game series. Here are just a few versions of the game throughout the years.

Hydris Cell

Hydris Cell was taking what we had learnt from other projects and attempting yet another Hydris game, but this time with the intention of hosting it online. Instead of the point and click slide show technique the other Hydris games had used, this new version would use flash as the basis for an engine that would let you look around the environment to the full 360 degrees. The game boasted probably the most realistic Bryce work we’ve ever done using textures from our online resource. This time there was real programming involved as well! Hydris Cell was a side project while we were waiting for some things on Zip n’ West and eventually we couldn’t juggle both projects at the same time. We were less passionate about Hydris and as a result it was dropped in favour of Zip n’ West.

There have been various other Hydris games not listed here, including a real-time 3D version, but non have progressed into a completed game. When Myst stops doing it so well, we may try again, but for now it’s very much shelved.

A small Hydris Cell interactive site can be found at www.hydriscell.co.uk

Environments | Hydris Cell


 Jim McDonald
 Viral Sinroja
 Spike Holmes
 John Thompson