Zip n’ West

Zip’s having a bad day, he’s stuck on an island, inhabited by tap-dancing mummy’s and his best mate is a ghost!


Zip n’ West and the Dance of Doom takes place on a forgotten island in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, where a plot to overthrow the world is unravelling. Using their wits, brawn and very little brains Zip and West must try to save themselves and if they can manage that, then the world.

In classic point and click adventure style, Zip n’ West is Psync’s most bizarre and surreal game to date. Originally, it was planned to be hand animated characters on pre-rendered backgrounds within flash, but sadly we soon managed to destroy that. The original pre-rendered shots can be found below in the gallery section.

We re-started making Zip n’ West in 2007 after completing Dome XIII. Using the knowledge we gained from creating a fully 3D adventure game we had a pretty good idea of what to expect and avoid…we just didn’t have a good enough idea. We will make Zip n’ West one day, just not today.

Production | Zip n’ West

Videos | Zip n’ West

Coconut Animation

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Original Intro Scene

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 Jim McDonald
 Spike Holmes
 John Thompson
3D Charcaters:
 Viral Sinroja