Ten Years On…

It’s hard to remember when exactly we first started trying to make computer games, but it would have been around the time we began our ‘A’ levels a decade ago. Is it worth taking a look back at what’s happened since then? Well, the sceptical side of me would say ”Hell, NO!”, but there’s a lot more to Psync than our product line.

The one thing I look back on with a tinge of disappointment is that we have to date only managed to complete one joint project that can truly bear the name of Psync Interactive. If you’d have asked me back in the 90’s I’d have probably told you we’d be banging out one a year by now. The reasons for that have become blatantly obvious as time has gone on. It’s bloody hard to make a high quality computer game. It’s extremely hard when there’s only a handful of you and you’re trying to lead a normal life at the same time. That’s not to say that progress hasn’t been made though. Oh no, we started with PowerPoint in the place of a game engine for crying out loud! We had zero programming skills between us and to say we had a lot to learn would be the understatement of the century.

The important thing to remember is that we were just kids back then. Fresh faced idiots who were far more interested in chasing girls and having a laugh than going to school to get qualifications… and I’m pretty sure that none of us had even considered starting a career. If you look at us now, we’ve gone from four to five and we can boast of our four degrees, four jobs, three cars, four houses and two long term live in girlfriends between us! Who’d have thought it? Yes, in that time Psync has truly grown up.

These days things are a bit different, we’re coding C++ with DirectX just like every other company out there. Three of us are now experienced programmers and, as a company, we’ve more than got enough skills between us to produce something we can truly be proud of. Our second release is very close, closer than one has ever been without someone’s degree hanging on it. I’ve personally found parts of the last ten years very difficult, but then there’s been a lot of brilliant moments thrown in too and things haven’t looked this good for a long old time. To say I’m feeling optimistic about where we’ll be in another ten doesn’t even come close.

Here’s to the future!


    Here here! Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • i’m very excited about what we can learn and achieve, and with bright people in different fields, what new insights and ideaas we can give to the industry. we have the skills, knowledge has vastly improved, and experience will come in time.

    here’s to the future *raises beer*

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