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Splendid game ‘core mechanics’

A core mechanic is a term coined by myself so I didn’t have to write game play. It’s quite an obvious thing but if you set out to make a platformer you would most probably dive head first into making levels, characters and physics engines to make it all work. This is definitely my own and I know the majority of Psync’s approach of the past.

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Origins: Part III – Mr. Sid

With University complete, the option to live in halls of residence expired and student loans spent, it was time for our four to get serious. They all needed to start looking forward, to get themselves a career, so they could put food on the table, and they needed to work out where they would be living for the rest of their lives (or at least the next few years). These were indeed critical times.

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Latest Project and ‘The Good Old Days’

It’s suddenly occurred to me that no one has actually mentioned what we’re up to at the minute. Well, fear not, we’ve actually been very, very busy of late and it’s all going rather nicely indeed.

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